Scaled Agile Bedrock

The recommended ‘Implementation Roadmap’ for SAFe suggests the opening steps are ‘Reach the tipping point’, then simply to train SPCs (SAFe Program Consultants), to train the ‘leadership’ on what’s about to happen, and then finally to ‘Build Trains’. However….take a look around the ‘edges’ of the Scaled Agile Framework diagram:

left side of the SAFe diagram
right side of the diagram

Fascinating – how can you plunge into SAFE before you have established the basis for Agile Product Delivery, Team and Technical Agility, DevOps, Built-In Quality, and a Systems team that can compute what all of this means?

Before implementing SAFe, you must begin the transformation of how you develop software.

This transformation is not a trivial task – get ready to train developers in test-driven development practices, and transform QA teams into modern, behavior-driven system tests. Prepare to refactor or completely re-architect legacy systems into a service-oriented architecture built on scalable cloud platforms. Traditional release management teams will become CI\CD pipeline owners, and long-time project management office clerks will become coaches for lean flow and ‘shift left’ quality. This is bedrock – table stakes – the essentials – requirements. That is the ‘tipping point’, for when you’re ready to transform your business with Scaled Agile.

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